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Accessibility & tactile tiles

Tactile tiles and sound maps for blinds and visually-impaired

Accessibility System is based on internationally approved standards that contribute to the creation of urban environments and make them suitable for the blind, visually impaired, handicap and hearing impaired so that they can benefit from various service utilities and facilities in various sectors such as: public utilities and government facilities, exhibitions, shops, companies, banks, restaurants, cafes, parks and hospitals.

Mowamah program of Ministry of Labor

Through our long experience in handicap accessibility, we have the capability to qualify and prepare the working places to be a convenient environments for people with special needs based on the standards of Mowamah program of Ministry of Labor.

1- Tactile tiles:

These are prominent land paths that come in a convenient and suitable manner and are consistent with the different floors and colors of the facility, and these paths enable the blind and visually impaired to walk inside the facility without dependence on others, as well as to avoid collision with the various things inside it.​

These tactile tiles come in different materials including: rubber self-adhesive strips, rubber plates, stainless steel, ceramic etc.​

2- Maps::

The maps are either Braille only, or multisensory maps that are equipped with a sound system for the blind as well as a screen containing sign language for the deaf visitors. The maps serve to give a clear picture of the corridors, facilities, entrances and exits of the building.​

3. Office plates and guiding signals:

They are Braille plates that are installed on the doors of the facility, offices,  and toilets for the blind to recognize.​

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