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Hotel handicap rooms

Handicap supplies for hotel rooms according to Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage

In accordance with the requirements of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) to oblige all furnished hotels and apartments to provide a certain percentage of their capacity to be suitable for the blind and deaf guests, ALKHAT ALMASY Trading helps hotels and furnished apartments to meet these conditions and requirements as follows:


- Hotel equipment for the blinds:

1. Printing the menu and the room service in Braille language for the blind guests.

2. Stickers in braille language in all room and toilet elements.

3. Braille stickers on the elevator panel. 

- Hotel equipment for the deaf:

1. We provide a wireless device that serves to alert  deaf people through light and vibrator under the pillow.This is done by connecting the base of the device to the phone, doorbell, fire detector and alarm for the hotel as a whole, so that the device sends strong lighting and vibration so that it alerts the deaf guests.

2. A portable display screen that contains a  video in sign language for deaf people that show them the hotel services in sign language.

- Hotel equipment for the disables (physical disabilities):

1. Nurse call: installed in the bathroom as well as in the bedroom. It sends an alert signal to the reception staff for assistance in case of emergency.

2. Grab handle bar flip-up.

2. Grab handle bar L-shape.

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